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​​Supporting Oceana
Introducing products and technologies!
We will update it from time to time.

​Cleaning robot

Deebot / Ozmo series

Only 4 to 5 staff members support Oceana, which has a worcation space and a dining room in addition to all 34 guest rooms. A group of cleaning robots are active every day in the field where you literally want to get the help of cats. There are now more than a dozen. The trigger was iRobot's Roomba, which was first introduced. At that time, the front of the front desk was covered with a dusty old carpet. It's been a week since I left Rumba in the lobby. .. .. It's definitely beautiful! !! It was Manager T who noticed the effect of the cleaning robot. When you look at it, the layer of dust that covered the carpet disappears, and the surface looks bright. From now on, it was the moment when something like the prototype of Oceana's management style was born. It's been two years since then. Dozens of cleaning robots, including one window cleaning robot, clean everywhere in Oceana every day. Maintenance and condition management of cleaning robots is an important task at the hotel. Sri Lankan staff K is the one who bundles it all together! They take good care of me, so all of them, including the original robot, move without breaking. After working with iRobot's cleaning robot "Roomba" and wiping cleaning robot "Brava", we are now exclusively using Ecovacs' Deebot series. In particular, the "OZMO" series, which combines vacuum cleaner function and wiping, is one step ahead of other brands in terms of both quietness and speed. It goes perfectly with facilities on a scale that can be managed with general household appliances, such as the hotel. I am looking forward to the future evolution!



September 2019. At that time, Oceana (former name is different) was a lonely inn that you often see on remote islands in Okinawa. No, I think it was terrible even in that category. The windows in the corridor are left open, and the geckos see various insects inside the building.
It was the introduction of the dehumidifier that changed the air inside the building!
Continuous dehumidification ... I think it is an indispensable solution for maintaining properties in Okinawa. The humidity in Okinawa is comparable to that in Singapore, where I used to live. It can be said that it is almost humid all year round.
As a result of trying all kinds of anti-mold measures for the property I own, I arrived at the use of a dehumidifier.
Since then, we have installed dehumidifiers in all of our properties.
That's why I ordered more dehumidifiers than the number of guest rooms before I bought Oceana. I remember hundreds of liters of wastewater every day during the week of installing the dehumidifier in Oceana.
It's been about two years since then. None of the dehumidifiers we introduced have broken, and we continue to dehumidify silently today. I think that a compressor type dehumidifier is effective in a hot and humid area like Okinawa.
Among them, I think the Mitsubishi "SARARI-" series is top class in terms of quietness and dehumidifying ability.
The high-power type with an inverter function is also operating in four places in the building, and Oceana is always in a good mood.


​Remote lock


Do you know what the work that occupies 30% of the work of the front staff? It may not come to your mind just by using the hotel.
The business is "key delivery". I'm giving you a physical key

Around the time. Most of the guests left the key at the front desk and went out. Then he returns and picks up the key from the front ... It sounds like a lot of work, but it was a burdensome task. As with any service industry, the simpler the task, the scarier it is!
It's simple, but it's hard to get around ... If you keep customers waiting, mental pressure will be added and mistakes will be more likely to occur. The same is true for "key delivery". It's very simple, but if this is concentrated at one time or the time zone is different ... Yes, the staff can not leave the front desk. We need staff whose "work" is to stick to the front desk.
A city hotel with more than 100 rooms would be justified, but it was a difficult situation for the hotel, which has only 34 rooms.
So I took the time, thought carefully, and adopted it.

"Remote LOCK" ™ It was not until I dug a keyway in the wall of all the rooms and installed it that I realized that about 30% was devoted to "key delivery". At the front desk, we are giving customers a business card-sized card key with a 4-digit unlocking code. It's okay to lose it, and it's easy to change the unlock number after checkout. If you omit the "delivery" of luggage, communication with guests will be impaired.
So for now, I'm thinking of leaving this business as it is.
Every day, the office space of Oceana is crowded with customers' luggage before check-in and after check-out.

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