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​Welcome to Oceana!

It's been two years since we entered Zamami Island in 2019. The operation, which started with the concept of "natural comfort in Zamami", has changed to a style that aims to "a space where comfort and fun coexist".

If you notice, electric-assisted bicycles and small EV mobility run on the island, cleaning robots proliferate in the hall, wormcation space is created, or a science fiction hydroponic cultivation system operates in one corner of the lobby I'm doing it.

Although it is an inn, it has an atmosphere like a lab that tackles remote island issues, and it happens to be a slightly stylish wormcation base ... "What you can do by staying in Oceana" is increasing day by day.

For example, a space like an "activity base" for adults who challenge the natural theme park of Zamami. Oceana will continue to pursue "comfort and fun" that responds to the diverse perspectives of guests.


32 Zamami, Zamami Village, Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture


Affiliated Hotels in Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan


/ ​A base for sightseeing on the main island♪ \

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